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Very nice, slightly retro shooter. I liked the overall atmosphere with both the graphics and sound effects. The world seems to inhabited by some real super people, since it takes a lot of ammo to defeat one enemy, but thankfully it also takes a lot of ammo to defeat you and the ammo doesn't really run short for anyone. If you like shooting, there's a lot of it in this game! There was a slight glitch with the weapon sound, sometimes it's left on loop.

We'd like to invite this game to our contest, the Game Development World Championship!

After reading this comment I just couldn't believe what I just read. I would gladly like to enter the contest. How can I enter?


Anindo Neel Dutta

Founder & CEO, Cyclone Games Inc.


Thanks for the interest! You can enter here: There's a couple of ways to do it, either the registration button on top, or the "Enroll Now!" slightly below. First you have to make an account, and then you can submit games.

Are there any age restrictions for this competition?

No restrictions. There is also a junior category being planned, but it seems unlikely to get ready in time for this year, because of the special arrangements it requires - for the entrants to prove their ages, for example.

I am going to turn 14 this September. Which category should I join? Hobby?